It is now less than 12 months until the UK leaves the European Union and there still appears to be a lot of uncertainty as to the effect that new trading conditions will have on various economies.  Both British companies and international firms with UK operations are looking to minimise risk with an increased uptake in specialist advisors such as legal, finance and regulatory professionals.  The world hasn’t stopped turning because of Brexit but there is definitely an increased demand for highly experienced change management professionals who can hit the ground running and help organisations prepare the landscape for a smoother transition as new trading relationships become clearer.  – Interim Managers step this way!

In my opinion, post-Brexit scenarios will affect the supply of the most diverse and sought after candidates, and will actively encourage the movement of European talent, thereby creating cheaper European cost-centres for traditionally British focused organisations.  Many companies are already focusing more on short term hiring needs and are prepared to hold back on some permanent recruitment appointments until the future trading climate is clearer.  They want to see how Brexit negotiations pan out and many are opting for the safe pair of hands that an interim manager brings. 

Interim managers are used to navigating their way through stormy waters, bringing seasoned expertise and confidence to challenging scenarios and have often operated at a more senior level.  Interim managers thrive in situations where uncertainty is rife and there is a need for transformation and change management.  This flexible resource is widely used across the European Union and many interim managers are prepared to work away to get the job done.  Hiring managers recognise the important contribution that an interim manager can bring and with many decisions still to be taken around the topic of employment migration, companies who can best adapt to proposed new trading conditions will be the ones who remain at the forefront of their industry.

I believe we are operating in a time of unpredictability and with that brings opportunity for those professionals brave enough to step forward.  The interim management solution is an ideal one to be at the forefront of recruitment strategies and will help organisations to maintain strength and competitive advantage as post-Brexit discussions continue.

Perry Evans is the Founder of Prestige Recruitment Services, a boutique consultancy providing international talent management and recruitment services to a wide and varied client base.

How can Interim Managers help with Brexit negotiations?

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